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          HR   Infrastructure
Establish a solid HR department strategy
  • Built a strong HR Infrastructure that included progressive and innovative practices, including effective performance management, recruiting and compensation plans.

  • Created plans (training, mentorship and new role development) with CEO to maximize the growth of future direct reports.

  • Designed People Rewards system to match the organization's culture and goals.

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Implemented a New Hire Welcome Experience
  • Engaged new hires during the uncertain phase from offer acceptance until their first day on the job.

  • Created structure to keep the conversation going and addressing new hires questions.

  • Decreased the hiring managers tasks enrolling new hires into programs and providing system’s access.

  • Designed an employee pre- onboarding tracker.

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Created a structured program that accelerated learning and integrated new hires into the company
  • Improved talent retention with 54 percent higher employee engagement.

  • Successful assimilation of new hires into the company culture.

  • 62 percent higher time-to-productivity ratios.

  • Aligned HR programs and processes with the company's overall strategic plan.

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    HR Shared   Services Centre
Built a permanent culture of continuing improvements and enhanced services level into the Global World-Class HR shared services centre
  • Shifted LATAM’s region strategic processes into the Global World-Class HR shared services organization while evolving the HR business partner model to be consultative strategic.

  • Improved visibility and control over human capital data.

  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Increased employee’s experience by 49%.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS  Human resources, emplo
Job Architecture
Designed a platform to centrally manage job descriptions, quick access to up-to-date documents and templates.

  • Collected the data and information necessary to clearly and uniformly define the different roles and levels within the organization.

  • Captured hierarchies within the organization to lead to the development of career pathways to support internal mobility and succession planning.

  • Created, designed the framework for defining roles (compensation, structure, and career path).

  • Identified talent gaps and expertise needed to meet business needs.

  • Eliminated pay inequity determining how roles should be compensated.

  • Created a clear hierarchy of roles within the organization, and used that hierarchy to drive strategic decisions, that supported equity, growth, fairness, opportunity, and talent retention.

  • Roles in different companies: Process Owner >> Process Leader>> Team Leader>> Contributor.

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